Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Marines and President Nixon

We've spent the last three nights at San Clemente State Beach Campground in beautiful Southern California. What a huge contrast to our previous week in all ways: scenery, number of people, amenities, you name it! If you're an RV'er we can definitely recommend this campground. Although it's on the pricey side, all of the spots are pull-through and have full hookups (and an excellent Verizon signal). We were in spot #66 and had a beautiful view of the ocean right from our trailer. There's a paved path down to the beach that goes under the train tracks -- we were a bit worried that we'd be hearing trains all night but we only heard a few whistles the entire time we were here.

What we did hear, though, were the Marines. Those soldiers are busy, busy, busy at Camp Pendleton! The first day we were here we heard deep booming sounds that weren't your average neighborhood noises. Thankfully when I googled "noises from Camp Pendleton" a handy page popped up telling us that they're firing high explosive mortars and artillery this week from 0600 to 2359 daily. We've actually enjoyed the various sounds because they're so different for us, but I have to wonder how veterans feel about it that stay here -- I imagine it could be disconcerting.

On Tuesday we walked south on the beach to watch the surfers and gawk at the lovely houses lining bluffs of the shore. We came upon one particularly large house on a huge piece of land (compared to the others that are squeezed in together) and we noticed that it had quite a security fence around the perimeter -- barbed wire and the whole deal. On a tip from my mom we knew that President Nixon had a vacation home here and sure enough (thanks to the power of the internet!) we had found it: La Casa Pacifica. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera along with me that day, so you'll have to just check out Google Image Search if you want to see this spread.

Wednesday was our big beach day and we sat out there for hours soaking in the sun, listening to the waves, watching the surfers, wading in the water, and laughing at the randy teenagers under their blanket 100 feet away. We will definitely be back here the next time we want an ocean fix!

Today (Thursday 3/13) we're headed back to Vegas for a brief stopover. We'll park Audrey in front of our house tonight while we do laundry and grab a few things we forgot, then on Friday morning we're headed out to the Las Vegas Bay campground at Lake Mead for a weekend rally with our local Airstream club. After that... off to Utah!

On the path down from the campground toward the beach

I never get tired of watching these waves

Some mussels on a rock near the shoreline


  1. Great writeup today Mary H. Loved the stuff about the Marines. Be safe and keep having fun!

  2. Hi friend! I love your photos! Great blog, I especially like 'Meet the Travelers'. Holly directed me to you. She was telling me about your trip. Lots of love to y'all & I look forward to sharing and keeping up. Safe travels.

  3. Thanks, Lisa - great to hear from you!! And Dave - I'm so happy you're following the blog. :-)