Sunday, March 23, 2014

Three Great Days Near Page, AZ

After leaving Zion National Park on Wednesday and driving through the tunnel on Hwy 9 we worked our way south toward Page, Arizona. Based on some Instagram photos I'd seen from other Airstreamers we decided to camp at Lone Rock Beach on Lake Powell. I think it's officially in Utah, but it's less than a mile north of the Arizona border and about 10 miles north of Page, AZ. We loved our spot on the beach and our view...and our lack of nearby neighbors. We would definitely stay here again. (For other RVers: there is a dump station and fresh water at the entrance of the park and the camping fee is $10/night.)

This was the view out of Audrey's door for 3 days at Lone Rock Beach!

We used that as our home base to visit the area, including the Starbucks at the Safeway in Page. :-) (Hey, a girl needs her Chai Latte from time to time. Don't judge.) We were super impressed with the tour at the Glen Canyon Dam. It was really well run and because it's limited to only 20 people in a tour group it's easy to hear and see everything the guide is talking about. I'm not quite sure why this dam isn't as famous as Hoover Dam - it's only 17 ft shorter than Hoover - but we'd never even heard of it before this trip! If you're in the area, I definitely recommend taking this tour -- at only $5 per adult it's a true bargain and they let you take all the pictures you want.
Yes, those are tiny little people you see on the top of the dam.

The bridge is nearly as impressive as the dam. Look for the cars in the lower left to get an idea of scale.

On Friday morning we visited Horseshoe Bend viewpoint, again based on all the cool pictures I'd seen there. Unfortunately we didn't come at the right time of day for the proper lighting for good pics, but it was still an amazing site. You're just standing right there at the edge of a 1000 ft sheer cliff! After Horseshoe Bend we visited Upper Antelope Canyon, which is a slot canyon on Navajo land. You have to have a tour guide to visit it and frankly the whole thing was a bit of a let down. Yes, I got some great photos out of the deal, but it was so ridiculously packed with people that it pretty much took the fun out of it. If you're headed to the area I'm not sure that I can recommend this. Just go online and look at the photos - it will be a much more peaceful experience.
Horseshoe Bend

Upper Antelope Canyon

Saturday morning (March 22) we left Page and drove through Monument Valley and then up to Moab, Utah. We found a campsite in the Ken's Lake BLM campground with an incredible view of the mountains in one direction and a lovely view of the little lake in the other direction.
Our campsite at Ken's Lake
We plan to stay here for at least 3 nights, maybe more, and use it as our home base for exploring Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. I foresee a lot of hiking in our future this week! And somewhere along the way it will be time to find a laundromat again...


  1. I loved Moab and Arches! We only stayed one night but had so much fun. Moab's an awesome little town - I predict you'll have a great time there. :) Loving your pics and blog, thanks for all the vicarious enjoyment!

  2. Another great write-up and I really enjoyed all the awesome pictures. Like Michelle, we loved Arches park and I know you guys will also.

  3. Try to experience delicate arch at sunset or sunrise. Amazing.

  4. Also..make sure to visit Bryce (best seen at sunrise).