Wednesday, April 16, 2014

El Capitan Tide Pools?

In continuing with our beach theme this week we stopped at El Capitan beach for two nights because we'd read that they had good tide pools. Well, I might have to disagree there... I grew up going to the tide pools at Cannon Beach in Oregon and those are filled with all kinds of life. These ones in El Capitan seemed a bit tame by comparison, but we still enjoyed our visit primarily because we saw whales and dolphins! Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough with my camera to capture them. The RV "resort" we stayed at was really nice - probably the fanciest one we've stayed at on this trip - and had a nice hiking trail loop in the hills above it, so Jeff was thrilled. I took advantage of the full hookups (water, electricity, sewer) to give Audrey a thorough cleaning. She was a dirty girl! We knew we were headed off grid for our next stop where we have to conserve water, so it was now or never!

This beach had a bunch of pelicans flying low over the waves looking for dinner.

Here's one that just dove into the water.

And up he comes again!

A little bit of sea life in the tide pool.

Lots of mussels clinging to the rocks around the tide pools.

Someone had taken the time to build some beautiful cairns.

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