Sunday, April 20, 2014

Four Fabulous Days at the Rincon Parkway

Several of our camping sites on this trip have been based on pictures I've seen on Instagram from fellow Airstreamers, including our stop this week at Rincon Parkway just north of Ventura, CA. A few other folks had posted pics lately of their campsite right next to the beach and we knew we had to make it one of our stops. This may now be winning for our favorite stop so far on this trip!

Basically, the Rincon Parkway is a stretch of widened road directly off of the Pacific Coast Highway (Hwy 1) about four miles north of Ventura. [You can see a snapshot of it here on Google satellite view.] There are about 120 spots available for RVs to parallel park facing the ocean for a rate of $28/day. [For other RVers that may want to visit: there is now a 5 day limit on the stay during this half of the year, even though their website states that it's 7 days; and there are no hookups - this is dry camping.] Yes, there is road noise from the PCH during the day, but dramatically less during the night. In addition, if you sit in front of your trailer facing the ocean, the waves drown out a lot of the traffic sounds. There are also train tracks on the other side of the road and Amtrak trains go by regularly but they're actually fairly quiet. Honestly, we really never thought twice about the road noise. The view was so incredible along with the soothing sound of the waves, that we just melted into it and shut out everything else. We were also lucky because we parked our truck perpendicular to the road, as did our neighbor on the other side of us, so we had a cozy little "cocoon" facing the ocean and couldn't really see any of our neighbors.
Our "front yard" this week
View from my lounge chair between the rocks of the sea wall

There are large boulders forming a sea wall down to the beach that you climb up or down to access the water, so you have instant access to long walks on the beach anytime you want them! We also enjoyed sitting in our lounge chairs watching dolphins go by, and we even spotted a few whales. The pelicans also put on a show by flying in formation right over our heads twice a day as well as diving for their food in the evenings.
Quick shot of a dolphin on the one cloudy day we had

Each morning the pelicans flew south right over our heads and each evening they returned heading north.

Seriously...right over our heads.

Finally, the little town of Ventura was a gem! We indulged in two delicious seafood dinners: Brophy Brothers and Lure Fish House (our favorite was Lure - the charbroiled oysters were fabulous). We shopped at the Harbor for a windsock/spinner for Audrey, and finally we also visited their excellent farmer's market on Saturday morning and stocked up on fresh veggies, berries, citrus, and even some freshly picked flowers. This is definitely a place we'll visit again!

Audrey's new accessory

Trailers as far as you can see! There's a 'buffer' zone, then the bike lane, then Hwy 1. On the far right you can just make out the railroad tracks as well.

Since our Airstream windows don't have a solid edge I was worried about tall bicyclists hitting them by accident, so I tied some strips of red rag to all the latches.

Sunset our final night at Rincon

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