Sunday, April 6, 2014

Northern California Coast: Two Thumbs Up

We’ve been a bit quiet here on the blog due to lack of connectivity with the Internets, but don’t worry - we’re alive and well! We ended up really enjoying our little RV park (Eagle’s Nest) in Tionesta, CA because it was so peaceful and quiet. The Lava Beds National Monument was also really unique and different, but a few too many caves for my claustrophobic taste! I ventured into the mouth of a few while waiting for Jeff to return from his explorations and he said he’d like to return one day with our son so they can explore together. I’ll happily hold down the fort while they do that. :-)
How does this tree grow over the entrance to a lava cave?
We saw a lot of really good petroglyphs in two caves.

We took a small jaunt into Southern Oregon (my home state!) on our way to the Northern California coast and I was reminded of how incredibly beautiful it is. We are definitely going to have to return to Oregon for a full several-week trip some time in the future.

Our favorite campsite so far on this trip was at Jedidiah Smith Redwoods State Park. Wow. So much gorgeous dense, lush vegetation — a true rainforest. And our spot was really cozy due to the angle we were parked. We could even leave all the curtains open on one side of Audrey and still have complete privacy. The Smith River runs right along the camp and the water is incredibly clear with a turquoise tint.
Audrey's cozy campsite nestled in the woods. (Yes, that's a Bear Box hidden off to the left. Sadly, we didn't see any bears.)
The Smith River

We spent a day hiking in the park and being in continual awe at the size of the trees. As we left the park after our hike the road took us into Crescent City and wow what a change! We went from dense, dark forest to wide open rocky coastline in just a couple of miles! Crescent City is a nice little town (two thumbs up to the Dutch Bros drive-through coffee spot - such friendly folks and such delicious drinks). We spent an hour or so walking along the beach before getting some seafood for dinner and heading back to our campsite for a campfire complete with roasted marshmallows.

These trees are crazy big
A gorgeous trail through the Stout Grove
Stuff grows everywhere in the forest - moss, ferns, you name it.
The Crescent City coastline
I took about 100 of these pictures :-)
This wave almost got us. We had to run backward to avoid getting soaked.

We’ve been holed up near the Humboldt Redwoods a few hours south of Crescent City on Highway 101 for the last two days just relaxing, reading, knitting (me, not Jeff) and walking along the Eel River. We’ll begin our trek to Napa on Monday morning and then we plan to head toward San Simeon State Beach at the end of the week. And at this precise moment? We're really wishing we had HBO so we could watch the season premiere of Game of Thrones...

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