Monday, April 28, 2014

Our last few nights of the trek: Quartzsite, AZ

I can't believe our two-month trek has come to a close! We're back home in Henderson, NV now and I'm working on a big wrap-up blog post that gives you the facts and figures of our trip as well as our faves and non-faves. That's a big one and it's taking me a little longer than I planned, so for now, here's a recap of our last week on the road...

We kicked off the final week of our Big Trek at Disneyland for my birthday!! Woohoo! We had such a fun time! Because it was my Big Day they gave me a button to wear and all day the "cast members" (such a good word for their employees) all wished me happy birthday. Even other guests at the park wished me a happy birthday - how fun is that? We spent 11 exhausting, fun-filled hours walking over all the park (according to my FitBit we covered 8.7 miles and that doesn't include all the just plain standing we did!) watching shows, attending the parade and riding rides. I also had a lovely birthday dinner at the Blue Bayou restaurant (part of the Pirates of the Caribbean). Special note on the parade: We watched it near the It's A Small World ride and they had a special section in front of us roped off which turned out to be where the sign language interpreters were. I really want to give a round of internet applause to the two interpreters. They did an amazing job and were so lively and in to it (short video below so you can see what I mean)! One of those wonderful, magical Disney touches.

My super fabulous birthday button!
Waiting for the parade to start

After leaving Anaheim we headed to Quartzsite, AZ which is just over the California border and is known to have a lot of good boondocking spots. I understand that much of the fall and winter this place is packed out, but since the weather had turned hot we were the only suckers there. :-) Actually, we relished the solitude and quiet as a great way to finish our trip and reflect on what we'd learned, our favorite memories, and where we definitely want to return to. We parked Audrey in the Dome Rock BLM Camping Area just south of I-10 and a few miles west of the town of Quartzsite and we could only see one other camper in our view and I'd estimate they were a half mile away. We had fun blasting our music and doing all the other fun things you can do when you have the place to yourself. :-)

Our desert campsite

Sunset in the desert

Can you spot the Airstream?

Many of the cacti were blooming

Sunset on our final night

So, now we're back home in our house that seems crazily large all of the sudden! More on that in the next blog post later this week... Thank you all for following along! It's been an amazing ride!


  1. I have LOVED being vicariously on your adventures with you. Can't wait to see what's next.

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