Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Goodness of Instagram and Napa Valley

This post is about two things that you might think are unrelated: Instagram and Napa Valley. But just wait, friends...

Since we bought an Airstream in October 2013 I've been following many people on Instagram who have Airstreams and many who specifically are full-time Airstreamers. I've gotten a bunch of ideas on great places to camp, helpful additions to the trailer, and handy tips that we've put to use on our own adventure. One of these full-time families is known online as "Currently Wandering" - a great use of their last name, Curren. I've gotten several ideas from their blog and have enjoyed getting to virtually know their family through Instagram. Well, happily our paths crossed in real life this week! When we realized we were in close proximity to each other we decided to meet up and go for a hike together in the Skyline Wilderness Area in....wait for it...Napa Valley. (See - I told you they'd connect.)

View of Napa from the Skyline Wilderness Area

We had such a fun afternoon with this family! For one thing, it was nice to expand our conversation circle outside just the two of us for a change. :-) But they're also just great peeps with really sweet kids who were troopers on a 4+ mile hike. In addition, Jess makes crackishly good sorbet which was our post-hike treat. Yum! [Here's a pic of us enjoying it.] So chalk one up to social media and making real-life connections.

Our second day in Napa we took a tour of the Domaine Chandon winery and I can highly recommend this excursion! First of all, they make sparkling wine. (I could stop there...) Second, their grounds are absolutely stunning, and third, our tour guide was so knowledgeable and helpful. We learned a ton about winemaking and specifically sparkling wine making, which we could call "champagne" if we were in the correct region in France, but here in the States it's known as sparkling wine. Whatever you call it, it's delicious! We ended our lovely day with a dinner date at Brix restaurant which has gorgeous gardens and delightful food. (Girly-ness alert: It was also pretty exciting to get dressed up and wear non-hiking type shoes and put on full, fancy makeup and jewelry.)

Lovely architecture that's meant to be reminiscent of wine barrels.

My "artistic" shot of the French oak wine barrels used to age the non-sparkling wine.

The winery grounds are like a park!
The gardens at Brix. Amazing. (Maybe I need to not live in a desert?)
We're now in the Santa Cruz area camping among the redwoods again, although these trees are babies compared to the ones up north. We're looking forward to visiting the wharf tomorrow and finding some good seafood to eat. Stay tuned for more pics of waves since I'm fascinated by those. :-)

Audrey's new home in Felton, CA just outside Santa Cruz.


  1. Nice!! We had so much fun meeting you guys as well. :) Glad you enjoyed your sparkling wine tour. :)

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