Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We Weren't Prepared for Snow

We woke up Sunday morning in Elko, NV to this:

The view out Audrey's back window

Silly us. Maybe we've become immune to the long winter dragging out across most of the US since we live in Vegas, but we just absolutely weren't prepared for the idea of snow on this trek! We've re-routed our plans to accommodate the snow hitting the Sierras and we have a new path plotted out...fingers crossed! We also had to make a stop at a Walmart along the way to buy some long-sleeved shirts and flannel pajamas (for me, not Jeff) because we did not pack with this kind of weather in mind!

We traveled west across Nevada on I-80 and then turned north at Reno onto US-395 which worked well for avoiding the snow. We spent last night (Monday) in a little town called Standish, CA at a sweet mom and pop RV park called Day's End (we recommend it if you need a stopover - super nice folks) and had the pleasure of seeing huge flocks of geese land nearby on their migration path. Today's trip further north took us through some beautiful snowy areas with thankfully dry roads. Unfortunately, no photos of the beauty due to lack of good spots to safely pull over and not get stuck!

We're now in a very out-of-the-way little place called Tionesta, CA, near Lava Beds National Monument which we plan to explore tomorrow. Most of the campgrounds in this area are closed for the winter or due to the current snow, so we're staying in another mom and pop RV park called Eagle's Nest - again, super nice owners. The directions to get here are: "Turn into Tionesta and go to the end of the road." You've gotta love that. Also, as you enter, the registration sign says, "Pick a spot and we'll come out and see you." Again... love that! We have gorgeous tall evergreens around us and snow softly falling outside. More pics tomorrow - I'm finally getting warm and refuse to go outside again right now. :-)

Our planned route will take us up briefly into Southern Oregon and then over to the California coast to Redwood National Park, then on down the coast toward Napa. Fingers crossed that the passes in this area all stay open because we are not driving Audrey anywhere that requires chains!

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