Monday, March 23, 2015

Yuba State Park (aka, Yes, Audrey Still Has Adventures!)

It's been a while since we've posted here...a very long while, actually! But don't worry, we're still having Adventures with Audrey! For example, she was our home for 2 1/2 weeks at Christmas time when we drove back to Texas with her. Unfortunately, she had a mishap on the way home from that trip: a blown out tire which did a fair bit of damage to the wheel well area, as well as to the side aluminum panel.

She's been getting repaired for nearly 2 months up in Salt Lake City at Intermountain Airstream and we finally were able to pick her up last Friday (March 20th). We woke up early and made the 6-hour drive to SLC, spent about an hour at the Airstream place, then turned around and headed back down south again on I-15 for another hour and a half to Yuba State Park.

We'd read a great review of the dry camping spots on the North and West Beach of the park on the very cool Campendium website, so that's where we were headed. Unfortunately when we got there we realized that those campsites weren't open yet (probably sometime around April 1). Our Plan B was the Painted Rocks Campground around the other side of the lake which turned out to be just fine. When we first arrived it felt very parking lot-ish, especially since we'd been hoping for something more secluded. But we quickly realized that one whole loop of about 20 sites was completely empty, so we made that our home for the next two nights!

Great place to watch the world go by

Audrey and "Bo" the F250

I had a great nap right here...

Good night!

The lake is beautiful and we were able to take our pup Indie for multiple hikes around the area. It's also very quiet there with just the sound of chirping birds to serenade us. Basically, it was just what the doctor ordered: peace and quiet.

We're not yet sure when and where our next Adventure will be, but I'll clue you in on a little secret... we hope to be on one big adventure within the next few years! That means selling our home and living in Audrey full time. Fingers crossed we can make that happen.

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