Friday, August 21, 2015

Five Weeks of Fun

A week ago we kicked off a new Adventure with Audrey! We’re on a five-week trip around Wyoming and Montana, with some brief forays into Idaho, too. For the first 3 weeks we’re working remotely through the wonders of Verizon wifi devices and booster antennas. We’ve mapped out our basic route and campsites based on the fact that they’re not only lovely but also have good cell service. When Labor Day kicks in we’re going to be officially on vacation for 2 full weeks and during that time we’ll be exploring more remote regions of Montana since we won’t be concerned about cell coverage.

This trip is in honor of our 25th wedding anniversary which we celebrated on July 28th. (That’s a whole other topic…but HOLY COW…25 years?!) You may be wondering why we didn’t start the trip at that time, and the answer can be summed up in one word: tourists. One of the big stops on our trip is going to be Yellowstone, but we’ve heard so many negative things about how crowded it is in the summer that we shifted our entire trip timeline so that we can visit Yellowstone after Labor Day. Brilliant, eh?

Here’s a recap of Week One which is wrapping up today:
We arrived at a boondocking area on Palisades Reservoir (part of the Snake River) on Saturday evening, August 15th. It’s just north of Alpine, WY but the camping spot was officially in Idaho due to the curve in the road. What a beautiful location! We learned about it via a great camping resource website: By Sunday evening we had the place nearly to ourselves with only one other trailer about 400 yards away. Indie loved roaming around and barking at the blue herons on the waterline and finding big sticks to chew.

This is the kind of privacy we love

Indie loved exploring

How's this for an office view?

Tuesday evening we moved to an area called “Lower Teton View” which is about 30 miles north of Jackson, WY with a fantastic view of the Teton Mountains. In fact, it was this location that was the seed of this entire trip after we saw this post on Instagram. Go ahead and click it and admire the beautiful view of the Tetons, because unfortunately you won’t see a picture like that from me here. A big wildfire in Idaho has blown smoke our way all week and we’ve only had a few glimpses of the mountains. So sad! The one saving grace is that we’re camped here with two other Airstreamers that we had “met” on Instagram (@boldadventure and @wanderwasi). We’ve had a great time getting to know them each evening over campfires and a didgeridoo.

Can you glimpse the outline of the tetons through the hazy smoke? This is about the clearest they've been all week.

How can you not smile when you make sounds out of a didgeridoo?

A little hazy sunset action for you
Indie hikes with his own backpack that carries his water and a bowl. We've attached a bear bell to it so he won't surprise anyone when he trots ahead of us.

Tomorrow we’re planning a visit into Jackson itself to check out the shops and have a meal in one of the many places that have been recommended to us. Then Sunday we’ll be moving spots to find a new place to explore. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures!

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